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Marie de Barbançon, Princess of Arenberg Paulus PONTIUS (engraver); Anthony van DYCK (after) Marquis de Mirabel Abraham BLOOTELING (engraver); Anthony van DYCK (after) Nicolas Rockox Paulus PONTIUS (engraver); Anthony van DYCK (after) Henry IV, King of France Pierre FIRENS; Hendrick GOLTZIUS (after) King Charles II, England. UNKNOWN; Pieter NASON (after) Isabella Clara Eugenia, Archduchess of Austria Jan Harmensz. MULLER (engraver); Peter Paul RUBENS (after) Leopold Wilhelm of Austria UNKNOWN; David TENIERS II (after) Edward Lord Thurlow UNKNOWN; Joshua REYNOLDS (after) Deer stealers pursued by sleuth hounds Briton RIVIÉRE J.A. Panton, Police Magistrate and Goldfields Commissioner Alice PANTON Charles I, King of England Adriaen LOMMELIN (engraver); Anthony van DYCK (after) Charles I of England Bernard BARON (engraver); Anthony van DYCK (after) Alexander della Faille Adriaen LOMMELIN (engraver); Anthony van DYCK (after) Antonio de Zuniga y Davilla, Marqués de Mirabel Koenraad WAUMANS (engraver); Anthony van DYCK (after) Balthazar Gerbier Paulus PONTIUS (engraver); Anthony van DYCK (after) Earl and Countess of Arundel Lucas VORSTERMAN I (engraver); Anthony van DYCK (after) Charles James Fox John JONES (mezzotinter); Joshua REYNOLDS (after) Amelia, Princess of Orange Pieter de JODE II (engraver); Anthony van DYCK (after) Henry VIII, King of England Peter ISSELBURG (engraver); Cornelis MASSYS (after) Terra Nullius (Teaching Aid) As Far As The Eye Can See Gordon BENNETT Isabella Clara Eugenia, Archduchess and Infanta Lucas VORSTERMAN I (engraver); Anthony van DYCK (after) Engelbert Taye Cornelis GALLE II (engraver); Anthony van DYCK (after) Joachim Ernst, Margrave of Brandenburg Lucas KILIAN Henri IV of France Crispijn de PASSE the elder Jacques Amelot Robert NANTEUIL Joanna the mad, wife of Philip the fair Jonas SUYDERHOEF (engraver); Pieter SOUTMAN (engraver) Maximilian I of Austria William ROGERS Philippe le Roy Anthony van DYCK Elizabeth of Bohemia Ludwig von SIEGEN; Gerrit van HONTHORST (after) Queen Adelaide UNKNOWN; William BEECHEY (after)
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