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Madonna in the clouds Francesco ALLEGRINI (circle of) Pieta UNKNOWN Lauds: The Visitation MAÎTRE FRANÇOIS (illuminator); Jean DUBRUEIL (scribe) Madonna and Child UNKNOWN The Virgin enthroned (Altar piece triptych) Justin O'BRIEN The Gospel Book of Theophanes THEOPHANES Virgin and Child with St John the Baptist St Cecilia Giovanni Battista PASSERI The Wharncliffe Hours MAÎTRE FRANÇOIS (illuminator); Jean DUBRUEIL (scribe) The Aspremont-Kievraing Hours NICOLAS (illuminator) Initial 'O': The Virgin and Child MAÎTRE FRANÇOIS (illuminator); Jean DUBRUEIL (scribe) Noli Mi Tangere Christian BECKER (attributed to) The Virgin and child on a pedestal Simone CANTARINI The Strozzi-Acciaiuoli Hours Monte DI GIOVANNI DEL FORA (illuminator); Gherardo DI GIOVANNI DEL FORA (illuminator); Sigismondo DE'SIGISMONDI (scribe) The holy family with angels Gianfrancesco PENNI Madonna and Child RUSSIA The ascension of Mary Magdalene UNKNOWN Mystical marriage of St Catherine Giovanni Battista PASSERI The marriage of the Virgin Federico ZUCCARO Madonna appearing to St John GUERCINO Annunciation UNKNOWN; Federico ZUCCARO (after) The Virgin supporting the Body of Christ MASTER F. The Virgin and Child FLANDERS Matins: The Parliament of Heaven and the Annunciation MAÎTRE FRANÇOIS (illuminator); Jean DUBRUEIL (scribe) Compline: The Death of the Virgin MAÎTRE FRANÇOIS (illuminator); Jean DUBRUEIL (scribe) Entombment of Christ John LONGSTAFF; TITIAN (after) The Nativity Pietro CANDIDO (attributed to); Cornelius WITTE (attributed to) Study for The Adoration of the Magi Battista FRANCO Group of figures before a loggia facing and gesturing to the right Study of figures grouped around the swooning Virgin Pietro Paolo BONZI Study for The Adoration of the Magi Cavaliere d’ARPINO Virgin and child surrounded by angels, design for a platter Albert GLEIZES
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