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Untitled G. STAFFORD Queen Agnes Napier WALLER Edward Lord Thurlow UNKNOWN; Joshua REYNOLDS (after) Edward Lord Thurlow UNKNOWN; Joshua REYNOLDS (after) The Symbolic Figure of the Course of Human History described by Virgil William BLAKE Charles V of Austria UNKNOWN Rosa Mystica Edgard MAXENCE Maria Anna of Spain Cornelis GALLE II (engraver); Anthony van DYCK (after) Charles II John CHANTRY; Pieter NASON (after) John Bright running and Punch with John Bright Charles Samuel KEENE Untitled, illustration to Thomas Lirer's Chronica von allen Königen und Kaisern (Scene depicting the meeting of two groups of crowned and robed figures) Conrad DINCKMUT Ferdinand III, Holy Roman Emperor Cornelis GALLE II (engraver); Anthony van DYCK (after) Henry IV, King of France Pierre FIRENS; Hendrick GOLTZIUS (after) King Charles II, England. UNKNOWN; Pieter NASON (after) Queen Victoria Hubert HERKOMER Elizabeth I, Queen of England Crispijn de PASSE the elder (engraver); Isaac OLIVIER I (after) Queen Victoria William Charles ROSS Charles I, King of England Johannes MEYSSENS (etcher and engraver) (attributed to); Anthony van DYCK (after) Solomon worshipping idols Georg PENCZ St. Helena Virgil SOLIS Elizabeth of Bohemia Ludwig von SIEGEN; Gerrit van HONTHORST (after) The three wise men Michael KMIT Henrietta-Maria, Queen of England Joseph Antoine COUCHET (engraver); Peggy Napaljarri Rockman (attributed to) (engraver); Anthony van DYCK (after) Henrietta-Maria, Queen of England Johannes MEYSSENS (etcher); Anthony van DYCK (after)