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Richard Gregory (Officer in a red coat) George ENGLEHEART (attributed to) Thomas McVitie UNKNOWN The Iron Duke (The Duke of Wellington) UNKNOWN Robert William Elliston John WRIGHT James Lawton William BATE Silhouette portrait of a woman in high-necked bodice, her hair in a high chignon, facing left UNKNOWN Dolores Davies Bernice EDWELL Portrait of a gentleman in a green coat Richard CROSSE No title (Portrait of a Dutch girl) Justine KONG SING Sir Sampson Gideon and an unidentified companion Pompeo BATONI Mary, daughter of John Wilkes M.P. Ozias HUMPHRY Portrait of a lady (in blue dress with high-necked bodice and gold brooch pinned at neck) George A. BUTTLE Susanna Highmore Joseph HIGHMORE The artist at work Élisabeth Louise VIGÉE LE BRUN Portrait of a gentleman (with long grey wig) UNKNOWN Unknown woman Frederick BUCK (attributed to) Lord Robert Carteret (3rd Earl Granville) John SMART Surgeon Major Leslie UNKNOWN Madame Saint-Huberty François DUMONT Madame du Barry Richard COSWAY Miss Brougham of Brougham Samuel COTES Portrait of the artist's mother Bernice EDWELL Portrait of a lady and gentleman Andrew PLIMER (attributed to) Ada Whiting Saville WHITING Portrait of a girl (Louisa Churchill?) Adam BUCK Portrait of a lady John SMART Jane Walford Thomas LAWRENCE (attributed to) Madame Sze, wife of the Chinese Minister Justine KONG SING Justice McKenna Stella LEWIS MARKS Portrait of a lady, three-quarter length with head veil and brown cashmere shawl; walled city in background Jean Baptiste ISABEY (attributed to)
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